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Ask the Expert: Time to Move

Ask the Expert: Time to Move

Ask the Expert: Time to Move

By KT Prominski, DPT

For a lot of us, the morning is a time where we may be rushed to get out of bed, get the kids fed, and start our work day. But, the morning also sets us up for how the day will go. What better way to start the morning than with movement? 

Moving in the morning helps to improve stiffness, but also improve mental health. We live stressful lives, and sometimes, we feel pressed for time to move throughout the day. But, I am here to provide you with an 8-10 minute morning routine to get the body moving, and get you feeling good! 


1. Deep breathing – 15 repetitions 

Deep breathing allows us to expand our lungs, creates a relaxation response by lowering pulse rate and blood pressure, and serves as a way to relieve stress.  

    Learn the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique – YouTube 

    2. Open books – 15 repetitions each side 

    This helps to improve mobility at the thoracic spine and rib cage 

    Open Book Stretch – Physical Therapy Exercises – YouTube 

    3. Child’s pose – 10 repetitions for 10s holds 

    This helps to improve mobility at the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, and hips 

    Child’s Pose for Lower Back Pain – YouTube 

    4. Assisted Squats – 15 repetitions 

    This helps to improve hip mobility as you squat to the floor 

    At Home: Door Frame Assisted Squats – YouTube 

    5. Bridges – 15 repetitions  

    This helps to improve hip mobility as well as activate your gluteal muscles before you kick start your morning.  

    How to Perform the Perfect Glute Bridge – YouTube 


    So, let’s set the alarm clock just a few minutes earlier, and start our morning off with a little bit of movement! 


    Annie Martucci Annie Martucci is a physical therapist in Northern Virginia with a special interest in orthopedics, sports, and active adults. She offers functional fitness tests for members as part of the Eileen West, MD and Associates team.  

    Are you interested in learning more about how functional fitness can contribute to your healthcare goals? Or a member ready to schedule your complimentary Functional Fitness Test? Simply give us a call at 571-999-WEST (9378). 

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