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COVID Testing Options

Test Name FlowFlex BD Veritor Accula IQGenetix Labcorp Assure Fastep Labcorp
Test Type Antigen (at home) Antigen RT-PCR (RNA) RT-PCR (RNA) RT-PCR (RNA) Antibodies (IgG/IgM) Antibodies (IgG)
Collection Method Short Nasal Swab Short Nasal Swab Short Nasal Swab Short Nasal Swab/ Nasopharyngeal Short Nasal Swab/ Nasopharyngeal Finger Stick Serum/Blood Draw
Turnaround Time 15 minutes Usually within 60 minutes Usually within 2 hours 24 hours or less 2 – 3 days Usually within 30 minutes 1- 2 days
CPT Code 87426 87426 87635 87635 87635 86328 86769
Test Cost $15 $75 $200 $150 $100* plus $25 processing fee (waived for members) $75 $50* plus $25 processing fee (waived for members)
Consultation Cost Recommended for Exposed or Symptomatic Patients; Fee waived for Members N/A $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75
Usually qualifies for domestic US travel or back to school/work
Usually qualifies for domestic US travel or back to school/work testing.* Usually qualifies for international travel testing.* Usually qualifies for international travel testing.* Usually qualifies for international travel testing;
*of this, $100 is billed by lab directly.
Provides negative/positive result for antibodies. Provides a negative/positive result for antibodies;
*of this, $50 is billed by lab directly.

Effective January 21, 2022.
– Testing for travel or asymptomatic patients is performed in the clinic. Testing of exposed or symptomatic individuals is performed in the patient’s vehicle.
– Testing and consultation charges are usually covered by insurance. We require payment via credit card or bank withdrawal in advance of the service and will provide a receipt to the patient for submission to their insurance company.
– There is a $50 fee for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment. Occasional after-hours testing may be available for an additional fee of $100. These fees are not covered by insurance.
*Patient is fully responsible for verifying requirements with their airline or organization.

Corporate testing

A corporate COVID-19 testing program is available for one-time or serial testing at our location. Please call our office at 571-999-9378 for more details.


Call the office to schedule your same-day antigen, same-day PCR, or two-day PCR test. Consultations with Dr. West are no longer required. However, if you have symptoms or any COVID-related questions, a brief telephone consultation with the doctor prior to your appointment is recommended.

If you know you need a specific type of test for work or travel, you may schedule the test alone without a consultation.

Please see the chart above for all the test options we have available in the office.

If you are currently ill and think you might have COVID-19, call our office to schedule a COVID-19 consultation. Dr. West can help you determine if you require a COVID-19 viral RNA test to learn if you have an acute infection. Note that the CDC has issued guidelines for viral RNA and antigen testing to determine acute infection. You can read those here.

If you know you need a specific type of test, such as a rapid antigen test or a same-day PCR test, call the office to schedule the test. If you aren’t sure which test you need, you can schedule a brief consultation with Dr. West. She can discuss the different types of tests available and determine what makes the most sense for you.

If you believe that you recently had COVID-19, you may be a good candidate for serum antibody testing. If this is the case, we will set up a consultation to make sure the correct time frame has passed and the right test is ordered.

Because information is constantly changing, we suggest visiting the CDC website for the latest information about symptoms, testing, prevention, and other guidelines.

You can also check with your own primary care provider (if you are not a member of the practice) and your local health department.

All international travel and some domestic travel requires proof of a negative PCR nasal swab test taken within 72 hours of departure. As case numbers rise, PCR test results may not be available within 72 hours. Some countries allow the test to be done 4 or more days before departure. For more information click here.

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