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The Benefits of a Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment (and What to Expect!)

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment (and What to Expect!)

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment (and What to Expect!)

The annual exam or wellness visit is an opportunity for you and your doctor to review your overall health and to focus on preventive care instead of problems. It is an integral component of personalized healthcare. It should be performed with a distinctive touch, and with compassion. The relationship you form with your physician now can help immensely when health issues arise later.  

We have come to understand that being proactive with one’s health can prevent many debilitating illnesses later. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Aging gracefully and with full functionality has more influence on a person’s long-term happiness than nearly anything else. Did you know that 95% of heart attacks can be prevented? Or that management of anxiety and depression can prolong life by several years? Cancer survival rates are directly impacted by early identification of a tumor, and multiple screening tests are already available. Additionally, other exciting methods are in development to assist in finding cancer early when it can best be treated. These things, and more, can be addressed as part of an annual exam. 

What can you expect from a typical annual exam? 

  • Measure your height and weight 
  • Check your vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level, temperature 
  • Review and update your medication list, and review allergies 
  • Review your family health history  
  • Review your vaccine status  
  • Review the status of chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid disease 
  • Review and discuss updates from your outside physicians 
  • Document emergency contacts, review end-of-life decisions, and define approach to blood transfusions 
  • Assess the social environment and how it might affect one’s health, including smoking, alcohol intake, diet, stress levels 
  • Perform a physical exam, including when indicated, a clinical breast exam and pelvic exam for women and genital exam for men. 
  • Blood tests drawn in the office and processed by LabCorp (such as metabolic panel, cholesterol, blood sugar screening, and others as indicated)  
  • Other age-appropriate screening tests or referrals such as a hearing screen, visual acuity screen, electrocardiogram, and colon and cervical cancer screening tests.  

        In my concierge medicine practice, annual exams are generally 60 to 90 minutes – two to three times longer than in a traditional primary care office.

        With this extra time, we are able to provide additional services that identify emerging health issues and help you to be as healthy as possible. We take a personalized approach to your appointment, customizing the elements to match your personal health history. We help you make the most of your time by efficiently reviewing multiple aspects of your health at one time. And we dig deeply into your health history, listen to your concerns, and answer any questions you may have – all in an unhurried manner. Your health matters to us! We provide the highest level of care and want to assist as you lead your best life. 

        As a part of your annual exam at Eileen West, MD and Associates you will receive the typical services listed above, plus advanced preventive care such as: 

        • a cardiovascular risk assessment 
        • a body composition analysis  
        • a detailed breast cancer risk assessment (for women)  
        • additional screening questionnaires for sleep apnea, mood disorders, fracture risk and sexual health.  
        • referral for a complimentary Nutrition Consultation with our nutritionist 
        • referral for a complimentary Functional Fitness Test with our physical therapist 

          At the end of your exam, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive visit summary (easily accessible online through our clinical portal) and updated prescriptions as needed. We’ll also assist you with scheduling follow-up visits with specialists and other screening facilities. Finally, we contact you with periodic reminders when additional follow-up and screenings are due. 

          All elements of this comprehensive annual exam are included in your concierge membership, with the exception of lab work, which is billed through LabCorp and is typically covered by your insurance.  

          Are you due for an annual health assessment? Give the office a call at 571-999-9378 now and we can get you scheduled. There’s no time like the present to understand your current health situation and start achieving your healthcare goals! 


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          Eileen West, MD
          Eileen West, MD about 11 hrs ago

          The scenario plays out like this… you’re sitting at home watching reruns of Friends when your vision blurs. Minutes later your head feels like it's set in a vice, and someone is cranking the lever. With your head throbbing, the nausea kicks in. After making a bathroom stop (goodbye lunch), you climb into bed and pull the covers over your face, lying still in the dark. Can you relate? This is called migraine, and sadly this illness is all too common. ● Approximately 39 million people in the US and 1 billion people worldwide have migraines ● Most people with migraine have 1 to 2 attacks per month which can extend from 4 hours to 3 days ● 36 billion is spent each year on healthcare and loss of productivity due to migraines Add onto those staggering stats this surprise—WOMEN are at greatest risk. Studies show that 8 out of 10 people with migraine are females. While research isn’t fully conclusive as to why, the data points to women’s hormone levels changing. ➡️ If you are battling migraines, please know that you do not need to suffer alone. At Eileen West, MD, and Associates, we are here to help you find the right treatment to prevent migraines and make them less painful. You have a life to lead. We’re here to help you on that journey and provide exceptional care. ⭐️ June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. Share your migraine questions below… We’d love to help. #youdeservebetter #msmedicine #fairfaxphysician #conciergemedicine #lifestylemedicine #doctorsofinstagram #femalephysician #womenshealth #fairfaxdoctor #fairfax #fairfaxva #fxva #dc #washington #loveVA #fairfaxcounty #virginia #northernvirginia #nova #dcarea #dmv #va #nham

          Eileen West, MD
          Eileen West, MDabout 2 days ago

          IT’S SELF-CARE SUNDAY. We’re back this week to focus on the importance of self-care and giving you tips on how to practically care for the physical, mental, emotional, & social parts of you. Today’s self-care tip is simple but necessary: Find Ways To Relax Our American society prides itself on doing, doing, doing. Here’s the truth - busy doesn’t equal beneficial. We need a balance of work, play, and rest. Your mind, body, and emotions need periods of relaxation in order to refuel. Here are 10 Ways You Can Relax: ● Meditate ● Do Yoga ● Get a massage ● Take a nature walk or hike ● Journal ● Swim ● Listen to calming music ● Sit in the sun ● Color ● Read a book Self-care isn’t selfish, it is essential. Your brain and body need downtime. Do yourself a favor & RELAX. ➡️ What is your favorite way to relax? Tell us in the comments. #youdeservebetter #msmedicine #fairfaxphysician #conciergemedicine #lifestylemedicine #doctorsofinstagram #femalephysician #womenshealth #fairfax

          Eileen West, MD
          Eileen West, MDabout 6 days ago

          More than 80% of women experience hot flashes during menopause. Hot flashes can occur during the day or night and have a range of severity. If you fall into the category of moderate to severe, here are 6 tips to help you find relief: 1. Keep the temperature in your home cool. 2. Reduce stress with yoga, tai chi, meditation, biofeedback, acupuncture & massage. 3. Eliminate hot drinks, hot foods, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette smoking 4. Wear light, breathable clothing during the day and to bed. 5. Sleep with cooling products, including sprays, gels, and a cool-fabric pillow. Use layered bedding that can be easily removed during the night. Cool down with a bedside fan. 6. When a hot flash is starting, try “paced respiration”—slow, deep, abdominal breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe only 5 to 7 times per minute, much more slowly than usual. ➡️ There are some prescription treatments to help with menopausal symptoms. Talk with your primary care doctor to discuss the best path for you. If you currently are seeking a provider, we are here to advocate for your total wellbeing and provide knowledgeable and personal care. Please reach out to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help! References: The North American Menopause Society (mnflashes.pdf), Stat from National Library of Medicine #youdeservebetter #msmedicine #fairfaxphysician #conciergemedicine #lifestylemedicine #doctorsofinstagram #femalephysician #womenshealth #fairfaxdoctor #fairfax #fairfaxva #fxva #dc #washington #loveVA #fairfaxcounty #virginia #northernvirginia #nova #dcarea #dmv #va #menopause

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